Smoke Extraction , Staircase Pressurization & Garbage Chute System

Smoke Extraction , Staircase Pressurization & Garbage Chute System

Bloom Secure Co W.L.L is a company based in Bahrain that specializes in the installation of smoke extraction and pressurization systems. These systems are crucial for ensuring the safety of buildings, especially in the event of a fire.


1. Smoke Extraction Systems:

These systems are designed to remove smoke and harmful gases from a building during a fire. This is essential for maintaining visibility and allowing occupants to evacuate safely. Smoke extraction systems typically include smoke detectors, exhaust fans, and ductwork to facilitate the removal of smoke from the affected areas.


2. Pressurization Systems:

Pressurization systems help to prevent the entry of smoke into areas of a building that need to remain smoke-free, such as stairwells and evacuation routes. By maintaining higher air pressure in these areas compared to the surrounding spaces, the systems create a barrier that prevents smoke from infiltrating.


3. Garbage Chute System:

A garbage chute system, often referred to as a trash chute, is a vertical or inclined passage that allows for the convenient disposal of waste and trash from different floors or areas of a building. It typically consists of a metal or concrete shaft with access doors on various floors. Users can simply place their garbage or waste into the chute on their floor, and it falls down to a central collection point, such as a dumpster or compactor, usually located in the building’s basement or designated area. This system is commonly used in multi-story buildings like apartment complexes and hotels to streamline waste disposal.


Bloom Secure Co W.L.L likely specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of these systems. This is crucial in ensuring that buildings comply with safety regulations and provide a safe environment for occupants during emergencies like fires. Our expertise in this field can contribute to the overall fire safety of buildings in Bahrain.