ELV System-CCTV, Burglar Alarm Systems

ELV System-CCTV, Burglar Alarm Systems

Boom Secure Co W.L.L is a well-known company in Bahrain that specializes in the installation of ELV (Extra-Low Voltage) systems. ELV systems encompass a wide range of technologies and infrastructure designed to operate at lower voltages than standard electrical systems. These systems are crucial for various purposes, including security, communication, and automation within buildings.

Here’s why Boom Secure Co W.L.L is considered a famous ELV systems installation company in Bahrain:

1. Expertise: The company is likely recognized for its expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining ELV systems. This expertise may cover security systems like CCTV and access control, communication systems like structured cabling, and automation systems such as building management and smart home solutions.

2. Reputation: Over time, Boom Secure Co W.L.L has likely built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality ELV solutions. Satisfied customers and successful projects contribute to their fame and credibility in the industry.

3. Experience: The company likely has a significant track record of successfully completed ELV system installations in various types of buildings, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

4. Technology Partnerships: To excel in the field of ELV systems, companies often partner with leading technology manufacturers to provide state-of-the-art solutions. Boom Secure Co W.L.L may have established partnerships with reputable brands, enhancing its reputation.

5. Compliance and Regulations: ELV systems often need to adhere to specific regulations and standards. Being a famous company suggests that Boom Secure Co W.L.L is well-versed in these requirements, ensuring that their installations meet all necessary codes and guidelines.

6. Customer Satisfaction: Customer feedback and satisfaction play a crucial role in a company’s fame. Positive reviews and recommendations from previous clients can significantly contribute to Boom Secure Co W.L.L’s reputation.

In summary, Boom Secure Co W.L.L is likely famous in Bahrain for its expertise, reputation, experience, technology partnerships, compliance with regulations, and customer satisfaction in the field of ELV systems installation. These factors combine to establish the company’s prominent position in the industry.

We Offers

1. CCTV System

Bloom Secure Co W.L.L is a best Security & Surveillance Solutions provider in Kingdom of Bahrain offers design and installation of end-to-end CCTV Systems including wide variety of CCTV Security Cameras, IP Cameras, Thermal Camera, Wireless Security Cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVR), Video Management System (VMS), Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Video Analytics and much more.



Bloom Secure Co W.L.L is a leading IT service provider in Bahrain and we offer total access control solutions to your premises. Bloom Secure Co W.L.L provides one-stop solutions of security and control management systems. By offering a high-quality, reliable access control system that enhances the security and functionality of the organization.

Bloom Secure Co W.L.L provides Access control systems with updated features to perform authorization identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials including face recognition, face mask detection, body temperature detection, biometric, passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), and physical or electronic keys.



Bloom Secure Co W.L.L offers a state-of-art biometrics time attendance system. Our highly qualified technical team will coordinate with the organization’s operation department and identify the most optimal access and customized time attendance system. We incorporate the latest and efficient methodologies to enhance security in the organization’s premises



Bloom Secure Co W.L.L provides wide range for gate barrier systems to secure your entity no matter how big or small your needs. We provide solutions for every entity such as house, building, apartment, office, commercial premises, factor and towns.

The Electronic Gate Barrier is the intelligent traffic safeguard which controls the vehicular traffic to premises. Bloom Secure Co W.L.L provides solutions using boom barriers, motorized trackless gates and surface mounted road blockers. Parking barriers and gates can be automated and equipped with sensors to detect people and vehicle as per your business requirements. Gate Barriers can be controlled by using push buttons, proximity cards, short and long-range UHF RFID system, where the reader can read from 8-12m away.

Barrier Systems steel gate systems are designed to provide easy access and emergency openings when needed in temporary and permanent locations. Ideal for flexible entry points to work zones or as a median barrier to help with traffic redirection during special circumstances or emergencies, our gate systems provide safe and easy solutions for road authorities and contractors.