HVAC (Heating, ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems

HVAC (Heating, ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems


We have our HVAC Division highly equipped to handle all aspects coming under the Air Conditioning and ventilation Industry. This includes Constant and variable air flow system, closed control Air conditioning, Ventilation Systems, Smoke extraction Systems & Pressurization system.


Installation of water cooled or Air-Cooled Condenser, Air Handling & Fan Coil Units, Chilled Water piping, Multi Split DX Units, Duct works including Grilles & Diffusers, VAV Systems, Precision Units, Hot Water Systems (Electro Water Heaters, Pumps, Booster Pump & Piping).


Our HVAC department has specialized manpower and resources to execute the below works as proven in our project’s history record.


• The services include Heat Load Calculation, selection of equipment and Energy Conservation in terms of savings in power, etc.
• AC system consists of DX Type, Chilled Water system viz: Reciprocation Screw Chillers & Centrifugal Chillers, Central plants in the Gulf Region, Chilled Water Pipes, fittings, valves and related accessories, etc.
• Fabrication of ducts in accordance with SMACNA / DW 142 standard and to install as per ASHRAE standard.
• Specialized systems viz: Smoke Management Systems, Staircase Pressurization system, etc. The installation team has been trained to take care of specific noise / vibration control measures prior to erection of any equipment viz: Chillers, Pumps, Air Handing Units, Fan Coil Units, Extract Fans, etc.
• Air balancing / water balancing prior to final testing and commissioning activities in accordance with CIBSE.
• Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) System
• All type of Air Conditioning System (Centralized,
• Wall-Mounted, Split System, CC, Ducted)
• Chilled water system, chiller plants, cooling towers, FAU, AHU, FCU
• Refrigeration and low temperature projects
• Duct Works & Installation
• Ventilation Systems
• Inspection, Surveys & Reports of Existing Installations


As a specialist Company in the Bahrain, we provide HVAC (Heating, ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems including automated control systems to expertly manage the climatic working environment of your business


Bloom is an HVAC specialist providing a complete environmental solution for your business. Based on demographics alone, regulation of temperature, heating and air conditioning control is a vital part of business life in the Bahrain due to the high working temperatures involved.


• G.I & P.I Ducting Installation System
• Chilled Water Piping System
• Package Units, DX Units and Fan Coil Unit
• Ventilation Systems
• Ecology Unit Installation Systems
• Kitchen Hood Exhaust and Fresh Air System
• Chemical Flushing & 3rd Party Testing Reports
• Air Balancing System and Certification