The BKG200 sounder strobe uses two buses to connect to the control panel. It is mainly installed in public places. When a fire occurs, the sounder strobe generates dazzling strong light and emits an alarm sound, which is used as a Fire Alarm. Its built-in microprocessor has independent measurement and processing functions. Fuzzy logic processing is performed on the collected information, and various measurement data are transmitted to the control panel, and judged by the control panel so that the alarm information can be issued quickly and accurately. This sounder strobe has the characteristics of reliable performance, convenient installation, and beautiful appearance. It is a fire alarm device with high reliability and strong anti-interference ability. rooms, etc.


II Features

2.1 Adopt two-bus system: two-bus without polarity signal.

2.2 Built-in microprocessor, with intelligent judgment ability.

2.3 The address is set through electronic coding, and there is no dial switch, which increases the airtight property in structure.

2.4 With self-diagnosis function to ensure its reliable operation.

2.5 The status signal value can be provided, which intuitively reflects the current working status of the sounder strobe.

2.6 Multi-level filtering with software and hardware can effectively suppress interference signals.

2.7 When the sounder strobe is activated, it can emit strong light and produce a harsh alarm sound.

2.8 The appearance design is beautiful, the installation and wiring are convenient and reliable.