Addressable Single Input Module BKG510

Addressable Single Input Module BKG510


BKG510 Addressable Single Input Module is used to receive normally open or normally closed swtich signals input by the fire linkage equipment, and transmit linkage information back to the Fire Alarm Control Panel (linkage).

▪ Input terminal can be set as normally open and normally closed on-site, which should be connected with passive contact.

▪ The microprocessor monitors the operation situation and transmits the status of the module to the control panel in 3 forms: normal, action and fault.

▪ The circuit part and wiring base are plugged, which is reliable in contact and convenient for construction.

▪ Designed to connect with active devices in field such as water flow indicator, pressure switch, position switch, signal valve and devices able to transmit back switch signals
▪ The built-in microprocessor processes messages intelligently
▪ Plug-in structure
▪ Non-polarized two-wire


Operating voltage Loop 24V (16V~28V)
Operating current Standby current:≤0.2mA;Action current:≤0.8mA
Operating Environment Temperature:-10℃~+55℃;Relative Humidity:≤95% non-condensing
Code range 1~255
Material and color of enclosure ABS;Porcelain white
Weight About 110g(with base)
Mounting hole distance 60mm
Mounting hole distance 60mm
Dimension(L×W×H) 86mm×38mm×86mm(with base)