Addressable Heat Detector

Addressable Heat Detector


BKG310 Addressable Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature Heat Detector (Detector) uses advanced SCM technology. According to a variety of advanced fire criterion, detector can accurately and timely detect the changes of ambient temperature and determine fire and then alarm.

With novel structure and attractive appearance, convenient and reliable installation, the detector is suitable in places where may have smokeless fire, lots of dust or smoke and steam retained under normal circumstances, such as indoor garages, kitchens, boiler rooms, generator rooms, drying rooms, power generation, dehydrating workshop, etc.


II Features

1. Non-polarized signal 2-wire.

2. The detector can be addressed in field by using Hand-Held Encoder, easy and reliable for commissioning.

3. Thermal sensitive element improves the response speed of temperature variation.


III Technical Specifications 

1. Class: A2R

2. Operating voltage

Signal bus voltage: loop 24V (18.5V~26V)

3. Operating current

Standby current: ≤ 0.3mA

Alarm current: ≤ 0.8mA


Red. Flashes when polling, and illuminates in alarming.

5. Encoding method

Electronically coding (code range: one address within 1~255).

6. Wiring

Non-polarized signal 2-wire

7. Operating environment

Temperature: -10°C~+50°C

Relative Humidity: ≤95%, non-condensing

8. Dimension

Diameter: 100mm Height: 50mm (with base)

4. Ingress protection rating: IP33 (Not tested to EN54 standard)

Material and color of enclosure: ABS; milky white

5. Weight: about 110g

6. Mounting hole distance: 60mm

7. Standard: EN 54-5:2017+A1:2018