Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel-

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel-

BKFA1 Intelligent Fire Alarm control panel is a new generation of alarm control panel that is designed and developed by our company through researching the fire-fighting market demand and summarizing the fire engineering experience for many years.

This control panel adopts wall-mounted and modular design. And it has features of strong function, high reliability and flexible configuration. The system adopts large screen and color LCD display. The printer can print all system information, such as fire alarm, fault and so on. It is compatible with a series of TC addressable products, which are intelligent detectors, sounder strobe, LCD repeater panel, etc. It is the best option of fire protection engineering.

Refer to the corresponding installation manuals for detailed technical parameters and installation instructions of detectors, modules and other accessory devices.

This manual should be in charge of specially-assigned personnel carefully in order to be uses in the future.


  • The CIE can have up to 48 zones, which can be distributed in one or more loops , with alarm and fault/disable indicators.
  • 1-4 loops can be selected, with a maximum of 255 addressable points for a single loop, Max totaling 1020 addressable points including but not limited sounder strobe under EN54-3, addressable heat detector under EN54-5, addressable photoelectric smoke detector under EN54-7, manual call point under EN54-11,I/O module under EN54-18 and loop isolator under EN54-17.
  • High-speed processor has been used in this control panel with faster data processing speed and larger data capacity.
  • 7-inch color LCD screen with display resolution of 800 × 480. Information is more visual.
  • Block terminals are all pluggable with clear marks, which is convenient for installation, commission and maintaining.
  • Programming can be operated on the panel or by computer.
  • The loop has strong anti-interference performance and the system is stable and reliable, convenient for field operating and commissioning.
  • Super data capability, available for 2000 pieces of information of each fire alarm, faults and etc.
  • Multi-operation levels have been applied on this control panel. Each level applies to variety operations which are protected by passwords, with the second level password of three digits and the third level password of six digits.
  • The control panel is capable of detecting faults from points (smoke detectors)as EN54-2 Clause 8.3.