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Fire Pump Sets

Brand: Firex
FCDLF series are vertical multi-stage stainless steel or cast iron pumps designed for pumping clean water and similar liquids. CDLF series pumps are ideal for water supply and fire fighting pumps with low capacities up to hundred of US gallon per minutes electric and diesel pump sets.
Fire pumps

Here at Talco, we\\\'re pump guys. We\\\'ve seen the inside of a pump room or two and many of them are a maintenance and performance nightmare. Our design and build team understands the ins and outs of NFPA regulations as well as the practical requirements of a fuctional industrial system.
Fire pumps

Our NFPA-20 compliant packaged fire pump systems take the hassle out of your installation. There is no need to track down, order, store, or transport hundreds of individual components. All an installing contractor has to do is connect the suction and discharge and provide power to the controllers.

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